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Vanessa Bell is one of Australia’s most esteemed luxury brands. Incorporating high quality Australian Merino wool into every design, each piece is carefully created by skilled artisans to become an enviable choice for discerning customers.

Hi I’m Vanessa, a farmer, global innovator and voice for women.

My love of Merino wool stems from my days of being in high fashion; over the course of my career, I appeared in top-tier fashion publications and on runways all over the world. I’ve worked for high-end clients including Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Valentino and COMME des GARÇONS.

As an international model, directness, integrity, resilience, and courage were my secret weapons. Now, as an entrepreneur and business attractor (and one of the only women in the world with a landholding more than twice the size of Paris), it still is.

Join the flock

Vanessa goes out of her way to meet people in positions of influence and go beyond conventional networking. By challenging leaders to act with consciousness and intent, she inspires measurable change in the world.

By choosing wool Vanessa Bell encourages fashion consumers to be more conscious in their decision making. The brand is based on the principles of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Vanessa runs 2000 Merino sheep at one of her four Australian properties. Her love of wool grown under southern skies in perfect pastures inspired her business, which supplies clients worldwide with heirloom hand knitted baby blankets.

The 22/23 vision of Vanessa Bell is to expand the collection of baby blankets to ladies’ knitwear. Forever fashion made from traceable, ethically processed yarn is soon to come.

It is also her goal as a land custodian to take another step by becoming a carbon farmer. She’s committed to protecting the biodiversity of flora and fauna on her combined 35,677 ha of land.

The new knitwear collection fuses function with style to make the world a better place. With quality materials, innovative designs, and a mission to promote awareness and respect for the natural world, this is fashion that works.

Our blankets are keepsakes, hand knitted in 100% Australian Merino wool.

If you show your blanket a little care, it will love your family for generations to come. Merino wool has a naturally protective outer layer, which resists wet and dry soiling minimising odours. This means it doesn’t require frequent washing.

It’s static free and attracts less dust and lint. What’s more, Merino wool contains lanolin which is naturally antibacterial preventing colds and flu.

Caring for your blanket is easy, but there are a few things you should know. 


  • Warm machine wash on a short gentle cycle (use a wash bag).
  • Use an approved wool detergent.
  • Warm rinse well; gently squeeze out excess water and dry flat in shade.
  • Wool has a memory so stretch gently back into shape and use a warm iron if needed.
  • Dry clean your blanket. 


  • Don’t use hot water cycles as it will shrink your blanket.
  • Don’t use normal washing powder as it strips the lanolin from the fibre and will ruin the finish of your blanket.
  • Don’t tumble dry as you will shrink your blanket.
  • Don’t dry in the sun as it will scorch and discolour the wool.
  • Don’t hang your blanket on the line it will stretch.
  • Don’t bleach.


We use high quality Merino yarn to reduce pilling however you might find with age, some pilling is inevitable.  To prevent this, wash the blanket when you notice loose fibres.  If you notice pilling use a sweater comb to remove.  


To deter moths, store your blanket with Red Cedar and Huon Pine as a safe alternative to the highly toxic naphthalene moth balls.  Seal your blanket in summer months for storage.