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Sustainable Fashion

Embrace Sustainable Fashion.

It can be challenging to know if you are making eco-friendly shopping choices.
Choosing wool over synthetics can protect our oceans, waterways and lands. 

The future of Sustainable Fashion: Rethinking the use of synthetic fabrics in our clothing choices.

Every time you wash synthetics, small pieces of plastic called microfibres wash off.  These fibres flow down the drain. It’s not possible to capture them.

The older our clothes become, the more microfibres wash away. Once in the ocean they act like toxic sponges. They absorb other pollutants such as pesticides. These toxins are consumed by fish and people. 

The Global Scan Report & Clothing Data Report show Australians buy 56 clothing items yearly. 1.4 billion new clothing units are made yearly with non-sustainable materials. 200,000 tonnes of clothing go to landfills yearly.

The Australian Fashion Council plans to change clothing production by 2030. The future is sustainable fashion. Learn more here. 

You can learn more about the benefits of wool here.

of microplastics in the marine environment are fibres from synthetic clothing
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of global oil production is used to make plastic items including synthetic garments
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of people don’t realise synthetic fibres in their clothes are actually plastic
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So, we can do a few things. We can wash our clothes less and avoid wearing synthetics. We can choose sustainable fashion.

Wool is safe for the environment and safe for you and your children. It naturally biodegrades thus it doesn’t contribute to microplastic pollution. 

Our blankets are keepsakes, hand knitted in 100% Australian Merino wool.

If you show your blanket a little care, it will love your family for generations to come. Merino wool has a naturally protective outer layer, which resists wet and dry soiling minimising odours. This means it doesn’t require frequent washing.

It’s static free and attracts less dust and lint. What’s more, Merino wool contains lanolin which is naturally antibacterial preventing colds and flu.

Caring for your blanket is easy, but there are a few things you should know. 


  • Warm machine wash on a short gentle cycle (use a wash bag).
  • Use an approved wool detergent.
  • Warm rinse well; gently squeeze out excess water and dry flat in shade.
  • Wool has a memory so stretch gently back into shape and use a warm iron if needed.
  • Dry clean your blanket. 


  • Don’t use hot water cycles as it will shrink your blanket.
  • Don’t use normal washing powder as it strips the lanolin from the fibre and will ruin the finish of your blanket.
  • Don’t tumble dry as you will shrink your blanket.
  • Don’t dry in the sun as it will scorch and discolour the wool.
  • Don’t hang your blanket on the line it will stretch.
  • Don’t bleach.


We use high quality Merino yarn to reduce pilling however you might find with age, some pilling is inevitable.  To prevent this, wash the blanket when you notice loose fibres.  If you notice pilling use a sweater comb to remove.  


To deter moths, store your blanket with Red Cedar and Huon Pine as a safe alternative to the highly toxic naphthalene moth balls.  Seal your blanket in summer months for storage.